Welding & Febrication Company

Plasma Cutting

Reliable Welding can cut up to 3” thick of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. Our plasma cutter is computer controlled, which results in industry-grade cuts. Our cutting tolerance can be close to +/- .005″ for certain materials and we can process sizes up to 8ft x 24ft.

Plasma Cutter Advantages

Plasma is gas that is superheated, to the point where it transforms into the fourth state of matter. Passed through electric current and ionized it becomes electrically conductive, allowing it to bond to the metal piece that is being cut. The narrow plasma cutting stream, with near laser-like precision, provides tight tolerances to allow for fine interior details. It provides a fast, and cost-effective way for metal processing.

  • Minimizes dross formation
  • Best-in-class edge quality (ISO Range 3 Edges)
  • Permanent etch marking capability for forming lines, identification marks, or assembly information
  • Increased cutting speeds reduce project turnaround